Mike was a smart young man. He graduated college in the top 25% of his class and had been a successful business man for 8 years as a Financial Advisor in a major corporation. Married with two children, he had the "American Dream". Except there was this little issue that kept getting bigger and bigger. Mike liked porn. It started out harmless enough. He and his high school buddies looked at Playboy. No big deal. But as Mike got older, he dug a little deeper. First, it was porn flicks. Hey, he watched them with college buddies at parties. Then, he would watch them in the privacy of his own house – he wasn't hurting anyone.

    Mike tried to entice his wife to join in the action. She agreed a couple of times but decided that wasn't for her. She asked him to stop watching it. Instead, he just hid it from her. Then, the real hook caught Mike. The Internet. Cheap or even free, Mike could surf the web for hours and see any and every thing he could imagine. It consumed him. Instead of spending time with his family in the evening, he would stay in his home office (claiming he had work to do) all the while surfing every porn site imaginable. He started becoming distant.

    Then the unthinkable happened, he started surfing porn at work, fantasizing about other women, even contacting some of them via porn chat lines. The more he absorbed the more he wanted. Soon, the cheap option of the internet, turned costly.

    Mike was fired from his job for his habitual surfing of porn sites at work. He didn't seem to care; he could now stay home and surf all day. And he did. Before long, he had bills he couldn't pay. A family he didn't know and an addiction he couldn't control. Mike kept trying to fill a void in his life with loads of pornography. It didn't work. Eventually, Mike lost his wife and kids via divorce and he works as a desk clerk at a hotel chain. A far cry from his days as a successful Financial Advisor.

    There are a lot of people in America who are just like Mike or on their way to becoming like him.

    The Breaking Free segment of the McKenzie Faith Foundation is geared to help the "Mikes" of this world. We offer an alternative to pornography and a way to escape its addiction. We will put you in touch with a Christian based counselor who can show you that you can break free from your addiction and enjoy the love and life that Christ has to offer. This program also provides a "Sponsor" – a Christian Brother who will walk with you in this journey and provide Christian accountability in your daily walk with Christ.

    To learn more, contact us by email or call 1-888-482-4860. All contact is strictly confidential.