Jill had spent 7 years in the Adult Industry and made a pretty good living. No, she wasn't a so-called Super Star but she wasn't complaining. She made plenty of cash. She didn't take drugs and felt she had a handle on things. Then, her life started changing. Approaching 30, she was considered too old by many industry businessmen and patrons. "Dancing" calls became fewer and fewer, the jobs were less glamorous. She was being replaced by the next wave of young girls entering the adult industry.

Suddenly, she was finding herself short on cash. She called friends, but her request for help fell on deaf ears. She took the jobs she could get but it wasn't the work she was used to. More and more she was finding herself unemployed and there wasn't much she could do about it. Her industry coworkers and friends had either abandoned her or had fallen on similar times. She had no family as they disowned her when they discovered her profession.

Had Jill managed to gain other skills during her tenure as an adult performer, she would have been able to transition into a new line of work. Unfortunately, by the time she realized this, she was out of cash and out of options. Homeless, she turned to prostitution and a lifestyle that she was unprepared for.

Every year, scores of young women enter the adult industry. Each with their own story and their own reasons for pursuing this line of work. A few become Super Stars and are loaded with fame and fortune. Some make a living for a while and move on. Others get lost and don't have a place to go when their careers are finished.

The McKenzie Faith Foundation was created to help those individuals by providing them with job training, educational assistance, temporary living, counseling, and family reconciliation (where appropriate). Working within a network of local and national companies and not-for-profits, the McKenzie Faith Foundation seeks to help women by equipping them with skills and training for life after their career in the adult industry.

Once a woman expresses interest in our program, The McKenzie Faith Foundation works with her to develop a plan for her future (class enrollment, job training courses, counseling, etc.) and the appropriate assistance is provided.

To learn more, contact us by email or call 1-888-482-4860. All Contact is Strictly Confidential.